Yale YRD240 Keyless Touchscreen Z-Wave Lock (YRD240-ZW-0BP) Review

With lots of electronic deadbolts hitting the market and more and more individuals designing smart homes, Yale is not to be left out. This Yale electronic door lock deadbolt combines a lot of important features, both existing and new to give a functional and impressive security. Read further on the Yale YRD240 Review for this Keyless Z-Wave lock (also in the Real Living series).

However, this electronic deadbolt does NOT use Bluetooth. Rather it makes use of Z-wave. Z-wave unlike Bluetooth was created with home appliances in mind. It is a wireless communication for home automation. Whether or not the use of Z wave rather than Bluetooth is a plus is strictly a matter of personal opinion. In this review, we’ll be taking an unbiased look at Yale keyless deadbolt (YRD240-ZW-0BP model) to help you determine whether or not it is worth buying.


Measuring 6.1”*6.1”*1.3”, the Yale smart lock comes in three finishes: satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished bronze. Each has the same sleek and smooth design. This smart lock is beautiful. However, it is bulky. Quite bulky in fact. It has been said that it takes up quite a lot of door space and won’t be very easy to install if it is not pre-planned. The surface is attractive though. It has this smooth exterior that makes you want to touch it. Design wise, Yale did a good job.


Not much, really! This is a good thing and signifies a simple installation process and overall product simplicity. It comes with the standard:

  • Yale lock
  • Installation manual
  • Mounting screws
  • 4 AA batteries

Quite modest. If you do not have a screw driver at home, it will pose a problem. Except you have a neighbor with a screw driver, in that case, sharing is caring. But in reality, who DOESN’T have a screwdriver!

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This is where we see a new feature at work. Yale smart lock is one of the few smart locks that actually talks to you. It guides you through the installation. This tickled me pink! It is such a relief not to have to check through a manual to set up the lock. Its concise instructions make installation a breeze. All things being equal, you should be through installing in about 25 minutes. Some people however do not like this new feature. They’d prefer a more familiar mode of installation assistance. That shouldn’t deter you however. Smart locks themselves are new, so we should be ready for the never ending stream of innovations to accompany them. Besides, being fair, it really isn’t hard to follow. It also comes in THREE languages which is a definite plus. They’re breaking ground for an international device.


Let me first say that since this deadlock makes use of Z wave it is only normal that is does not have any native app. This means that unless you purchase a compatible device that controls it, you cannot operate it through your phone. Admittedly this is a downside, but once you do get the device, you’ll find it’s totally worth it. The Yale deadlock is also very responsive to touch. And I am in no way exaggerating. Even through fabric such as gloves, the deadlock responded. And though we were not promised response through every type of fabric, I’d say that thus is more than acceptable.

One other thing I love about this smart lock is the backup battery. Despite the fact that it has a low battery alert, they’ve gone a step ahead to ensure that a low battery doesn’t lock you out. Just at the bottom, there is a 9V battery backup. This means that in the event that your normal battery dies, the 9V will generate just enough power to let you in. Thoughtful, if you ask me.

Also, apart from the master code, up to 25 access codes are allowed. Brilliant for friends and family. There is a privacy mode which disables all codes.

There’s an automatic relock feature and a night lock feature too. Yale is also able to interact with your home appliances and security. For example, it can switch your lights on soon as you walk in. It can also enable camera security. Apart from all these, location can’t affect it either, in the sense that despite the level of sunlight, Yale keyless deadbolt is still visible.


How secure is the Yale keyless touch screen deadbolt? Yale makes use of the pin and tumbler lock. The American National Standards Institute (ANSA) rated Yale a grade two lock (with the highest being grade one). ANSA assured that Yale locks can withstand five 75-foot-pound blows, two blows from 120 foot-pounds, 5 minutes of sawing, and at least 360 pounds of bolt-end pressure.

There is also ample protection against hacking using the 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard. So feel free to jeer at that notorious hacker. It also shuts down after a certain number of wrong trials. And if you have a control device, you can be alerted at any granted entry.

Yale has done more than a fair job, so you can leave your home and come back and find it intact (reminds me of the iTouchless Bio-Matic).


  • Does away with key-only option
  • Reduces the probability of being locked out
  • Visible even under sunlight
  • Comes in 3 languages
  • Actually talks to you
  • Easy to install
  • Secure
  • Responsive to touch


  • Bulky
  • It is not cheap
  • Does not have the option of a key (I really don’t like this fact. There will always be people who for various reasons will always prefer a normal key. Yale doesn’t give that option meaning it can’t function as a regular deadbolt.


Unfortunately, the cost of the Yale keyless may cost you a pretty penny. I am avoiding using the word ‘expensive’ since affordability is a matter of personal opinion. It is available on Amazon.


The Yale keyless full touchscreen (YRD240-ZW-0BP) deadbolt does the job. It is efficient and durable. Despite the cons it still conquers the main aim which is security. It’s a good example of practical security.


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