Nest x Yale Lock Review

Yale has partnered with Google Nest to provide the perfect lock for your Nest Smart Home! The Nest x Yale Lock comes from the Yale team which has over a decade of experience design and manufacturing door knobs, locks and deadbolts. Now, they are entering the smart lock space by partnering with one of the biggest names in the game – Nest (see their full line of products here) – and connecting to their smart home technology to create a sleek, secure and convenient lock made for those connected via Nest. This Nest x Yale Lock Review covers all the pertinent details about this lock – get the lowdown before you commit!



Product Number Nest x Yale Lock RB-YRD540-WV-619
Key Access No
Touchpad/Keypad Yes, 12 button keypad
Installation Location Exterior Home Access
Apps Nest (IOs & Android)
Guest Access Yes – up to 20 codes available, can be scheduled
Location Services/Geofencing No
Connectivity WiFi (via Nest Connect)
Voice Activation Limited via Google Voice (cannot unlock)
Integrations Available Nest Connect, Nest Secure Alarm System
Tamper Alarm No
Warranty Lifetime on finish and mechanical parts, 2 years on electronics



The box for the Nest x Yale Lock is relatively small to fit the limited items in the box. But really, who needs more than the minimum! When you open the box you’ll find the following:

  • Nest x Yale Lock
  • Installation Guide with Removable Door Template
  • Mounting Screws
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • OPTIONAL: Bundled products include Nest Connect (though most for sale that we could find do include it)



Yale touts the simplicity of installing the Nest x Yale Lock, but reviews and our own experience isn’t as clear especially since most installers are working with an existing door with a previous deadbolt already installed. 

In a perfect world, all you’ll need is a screwdriver! And really, most of the time this is all you’ll need and it is quite easy to install. But there’s always the chance – and this isn’t unique to the Nest x Yale lock – that you’ll need to modify the existing hole from the deadbolt or lock you are replacing. 

While we didn’t have challenges, we’ve read in the Nest x Yale reviews on Amazon and elsewhere that some have had challenges aligning the lock straight up and down. This is one of those frustrating challenges that often end up with having to modify the size of the deadbolt hole. But as we stated, this isn’t going to be a problem for everyone and generally could be a problem for any new lock!

We found setting up the codes and connecting to the Nest Smart Home to be a breeze. We haven’t connected to the Nest Secure Alarm System, so we can’t comment there. But for first timers setting up Nest Connect and their Nest Smart Home, there may be a bit of a learning curve as some of the customer reviews state. We’ve read the gammutt from “simple to set-up” all the way through to “it took 4 hours and it’s not connected yet.”



The Nest x Yale Lock is small and sleek. Very simple really! It comes in 3 finishes which you can easily match to other Yale products, such as knobs and levers or many other non-Yale products as well. You can get this Yale electric door lock in polished brass, satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze. 

nest x yale lock interior and exteriorThe product itself is simple. The exterior is just a clean oblong shape with the Yale logo (actually a button for the programming as well) and the 12 button keypad. The face of the keypad is black regardless of the finish you get.

The interior is similar in shape, just a big longer to account for the knob to lock/unlock the door manually. The top half is black while the bottom half with the knob is your finish of choice. 



The Nest x Yale Lock is a certified ANSI/BHMA A156.36 deadbolt.  As stated on the BHMA website, “the ANSI/BHMA A156.36 establishes requirements for Auxiliary Locks, and includes dimensional criteria and five classifications of tests: operational, cycle, strength, security and, finish.”

For the security rating of the deadbolt, this falls in the middle category – grade 2. This is defined as higher residential secure lock or low commercial grade lock which provides superior security and durability for and your homes and businesses (light commercial use, for example NOT as a lock that hundreds of employees will use daily). This is a strong lock for general residential use. 


This product is designed specifically for the Nest smart home product line. The downside, of course, that this lock is ONLY for the Nest product line! But if you are a Google Nest smart home user or would like to build one, this is a great product when connected to the Nest app or the Nest Secure Alarm System.

With the Nest app, you can:

  • Create passcodes for friends and family and revoke them anytime on the go!
  • Get notifications to track who has unlocked the door. .
  • Set-up automatic locking when you exit. N
  • Lock and unlock your door from your phone from anywhere with a data connection. 
  • Lock the door with a quick tap if your hands are full. 
  • Turn off your Nest Secure Alarm System when the door is unlocked (we’ve all had to throw down our bags to enter the code quick enough to avoid the alarm sounding and barely make it … right??).


Outside of the Nest Connect, which is bundled with the product more often then not, there aren’t any accessories specifically for this product. But you can really consider the entire Nest line as potential accessories as you design and build your smart home. You can see the full line here on Amazon



nest x yale lock installedStarting at $239.99, this isn’t the cheapest lock when compared to its features. But for Nest Home customers, it’s worth the small premium to connect to the system you’re already committed to! We also like the simplicity of the keypad and the ease of finding inexpensive knobs and handles to match the three finishes available. We do recommend the Next x Yale Lock for Nest users or those committing to building a Nest smart home – for others, we’d say look elsewhere as the biggest benefit is the ability to be part of the Nest system!



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