Schlage Keyless Door Locks – Should You Buy Them?

Home security is serious business! If you don’t do it right, you may end up losing your biggest possession. It happens, however, can be avoided. Schlage keyless door locks have been around for a while, from a reputable brand that has served us up to 80 years. Schlage is well-respected when it comes to quality products for both residential and commercial needs and they seem to have the best locks without doubt.

Schlage keyless door locks

Do you speak Schlage? Maybe not? I am about to change your mind; or even blow it! Keyless entry door locks have seen a high rise in recognition in recent times even as everyone seems to want to beef up security up onto their wallets. Unfortunately, it seems as though only the rich and famous can afford these efficient smart locks. Why? They are high tech and high priced. The ripple effect is that common home owners have lived to settle with low tech, yet, a little overpriced deadbolts for their security.

Times have changed… Things are getting better!

Jake my friend doesn’t have to wait to have one of the best keyless door locks installed in his home as affordability has gotten better. In short, home security does not have to be high tech and expensive or love tech and still expensive! The margin is closing and we are happy for it. Look at me now, Schlage keyless door locks have come for the win!

Hold on though, I am not necessarily saying that you can get the really fancy eye and palm scanning machine to your home for amazingly cheap – as a matter of fact, you do not need that – however, a small keypad or fingerprint schlage-kind-of-lock will do just fine for you, without having to make your wallet cry. To make it even fanciful, a number of the Schlage keyless entry door locks have backlit keys which means you will have no problem trying to access your smart lock in darkness. Day or night, enter your codes and you’re in; that simple. This also beats the common problem of finding the right key that matches from a big bunch.

Schlage smart door locks offer a great deal of advantages that many other brands do not and this is why they are our favorite pick. No sentiments. The tubular infrastructure on each of their locks makes it a big bane for anyone to pick; also, a fine forged brass build makes it resistant to all kinds of tampering, including kick-ins.

Majority of the schlage smart locks allow for multiple user codes and auto-lock as soon as the door closes. The best part? Schlage equips all of these locks with random codes out of the factory so that no two locks share the same blueprint. In addition, all Schlage products are thoroughly tested to meet ANSI standards. They are built to last for a lifetime and can be easily repaired should there be any need. While some brands may sell you electronic deadbolts and leave you to it, Schlage offers warranty on their products to keep you in check once you need them.

There is every reason to consider buying a Schlage door lock in 2018. The security features alone are top-notch, then the brand goes further to add remote access and control over the internet to the package. What more can you ask for? I confidently say again that Schlage keyless door locks have come for the win. Check out some of our interesting picks here.

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