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Much like Kwikset, Schlage is one of those lock manufactures that is synonymous with door knobs, door locks and handles. I’ve guess everyone has used one in the United States! The Schlage company was founded back in the 1920s in California, but in the late 1990’s relocated to Colorado. In 2013 Schlage, which was previously purchased by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies was further acquired by Allegion (many but not all Ingersoll Rand brands were part of this acquisition). Allegion identifies itself as “North America’s #1 manufacturer of security and safety products, security consulting and systems integration.”

Schlage has the typical product line you would expect from a lock manufacturer that has been in business for 100 years – ranging from simple door knobs and levers to the more recent innovation of their Schlage keyless entry locks. Interestingly enough, the Nexia Home Intelligence home automation system was NOT included in the acquisition by Allegion, forcing the brand to reconsider and pivot from the products and technology already developed by Schlage and Ingersoll Rand.

Schalge has two core keyless entry product lines: (1) Schlage Smart Deadbolt and (2) Schlage Keyless Door Lock

Schalge Smart Deadbolt

The Schlage Smart Deadbolt line of keyless door locks provides you with the piece of mind you need! Not only can you get the freedom from keys, but also can connect to your existing home automation system for advanced needs. They do have a wide selection of products available for every customer and any level of smart home.

Schlage Keyless Deadbolts come in four distinct products. The first is the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt. This is a “hub-less” Schlage keyless deadbolt that you can connect to from anywhere in the world to lock and unlock your doors. The second product is the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt. This is their bluetooth deadbolt that connect with you phone and other bluetooth enabled devices like Amazon’s Alexa.

The Schlage Connect™  Smart Deadbolt is a little more advanced product among the Schlage keyless entry devices. These combine the advanced features with the enhanced security of Z-Wave Plus or Zigabee technologies, depending on your needs and current installations of your smart home.

Finally, they have their Connected Keypad Lever. This doesn’t have the names the others do, but has all the features with the Z-Wave technologies enabling you to connect from anywhere in the world. One of the benefits of Schlage keyless entry locks is that you can generally use their wide offering of knobs, levers and trims.

Schlage Keyless Door Locks

The line of Schlage Keyless Door Locks are a simpler grouping of products that provide near to or the same level of security. And of course, give you the access and flexibility you need in a keyless entry deadbolt or lock. The first products are part of the the Schlage Touch™ Deadbolt line. This Schlage keyless entry lock is a simple touchscreen keypad that is fingerprint resistant. This product also comes with a less slim version that has a stylish lever.

Schlage also makes a keypad door lock, similar to the touchscreen versions but with buttons. Like the Schlage Touch™ Deadbolt, these also come with or without a lever.

Schlage Keyless Entry Door Lock Reviews

Schlage Camelot BE365

The Schlage BE365 Review (Camelot trim) highlights its small, sturdy, and versatile deadbolt design. Installation is a breeze, requiring little time, little effort and a couple household tools. This a great option for those seeking a simple keypad deadbolt for their homes or other entry access points.

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