Samsung Digital Door Locks and Deadbolts

Samsung, most likely known for their lines of TVs, smart phones and various home appliances in the United States, is a storied South Korean company founded way back in 1938 as a goods trader. In the 1960s they entered the electronics goods market and haven’t looked back since! I personally also have a Samsung A/C unit and until it was installed, I wasn’t aware they produced A/C units. According to Wikipedia, Samsung’s revenue in 2018 exceeded 200 billion and is recognized as the 6th most recognized brand globally. 

In 2014, Samsung entered the smart home market by acquiring the California US firm SmartThings and pulling it under the Samsung umbrella of brands as Samsung SmartThings (although run as a separate entity). Their Samsung SmartThings product line is less about the end user products (whereas the core Samsung brand builds the products that connect to these hubs), but rather more focused on the interconnectivity. They design and build various interconnected hubs, sensors and of course the Android and IOs apps. While they design and develop a multitude of really great products, our core focus is on their Samsung digital door lock lines.

The Samsung digital door lock and electronic deadbolt lines are some of the most advanced – and futuristic looking! – electronic deadbolts available in the market, not the least of which is due to the sheer vast number of options available to interconnect with for residential smart homes and functionality.

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The line of Samsung digital door locks and Samsung deadbolts have ALL the features you are seeking and more. The basic methods of access – biometric, remote keyfob, keypad, wifi connected – are all available. They also have products available for double doors, which among the various digital door lock manufacturers is a rare find.

Here’s some of the Samsung digital door lock and deadbolt highlights:

Ease of Access for Everyone. As mentioned above, their locks often have multiple methods to access, from RFID, Bluetooth, Keypads, Keyfob and more. One of the most overlooked features is that you can use different methods for the different family members based on their personal preference!

The (Almost) Always Present Keypad. Want a keypad or not, this comes very handy for guests, service providers (house cleaners, baby sitters, dog walkers) or anyone else who might need access from just once to entering daily to multiple times a day. 

Push / Pull Innovation. Unlike the traditional knob or level on most door locks and deadbolts, the Samsung digital door locks have a more futuristic and simple push or pull design which enables easier access when you have your hands full!

Automatic Locking. While common among many digital door locks, having the doors lock behind you when you leave can provide a lot of piece of mind! Even without this functionality, you can connect your door lock with the app to lock your door when you leave the home automatically. 

Advanced Security Features. Securing your door is crucial of course, but many of the Samsung digital door locks also include fire detection (from heat) and an alarm can be sounded directly from the door lock and deadbolts to discourage theft. 

 The one potential downside that I see – the design. While I personally love the futuristic designs made by Samsung, they don’t provide the traditional or classical looking deadbolts and door locks that many are searching for such as you can find in the Kwikset Keyless Entry Deadbolts line of products. This is certainly a personal preference and I find that many that want the smart home features do not mind or even prefer the sleek Samsung digital door lock and Samsung deadbolts available. 

Let’s take a look at the Samsung deadbolts and digital door locks that we’ve reviewed! Note, we have a short overview on Samsung’s digital door locks, but are in the process of writing longer reviews on their products. 

Samsung Digital Door Lock Reviews

Samsung EZON SHS-3120

This one is now a few years old and is mostly found on the secondary market but was one of the first advanced Samsung digital door locks we got to play around with. Certainly one to take a look at on the secondary market or if you can find an older version for sale. It has since been replaced with the SHS-3321 which you can find on Amazon and at most retailers. Read more from one of our first with the Samsung EZON SHS-3120 Review


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