Kwikset Smartcode

Do you want an electronic door lock with all the features of the top models, and a price anybody can afford? Look no further than the Kwikset SmartCode!  This electronic door lock is a perfect fit for anybody that wants the ease and convenience of keyless entry without spending a large amount of money.


Keyless Entry for Home

The Kwikset SmartCode is a high-quality deadbolt door lock on a budget price. For a third of the price of some of the other electronic deadbolt door locks, it comes packed with all the features you would ever need.

This keyless entry door lock is very simple to use, requiring just a few pushes of the buttons to unlock your door. Great for times when keys are a hassle. A simple push of the lock button engages the deadbolt, and you are set to leave your home locked and feeling safe.

Convenience and Security

Of course, the Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt also has a traditional key feature. With a slight twist: the Kwikset Smartkey feature. kwikset-smartcode-review
This is a more advanced keylock mechanism that is very resistant to key bumping. It also allows for easy re-keying with an easy-to-use re-key tool. In fact, the lock can be re-keyed in under a minute; all you need is the tool, the old key, and a new key.

For added convenience at night, the digital buttons on the lock light up when pressed, making it much easier to see what you are doing. Not that that is really an issue; after using it for awhile, you will hit the buttons without thinking about it.

The Kiwkset SmartCode also has some neat customizable features. You can enable or disable an LED light that blinks green or red, depending on the right or wrong code entered. You can make the lock beep when the buttons are pressed. And there is even an auto-locking feature. This is great for even more convenience, allowing you to leave your home, and never worry about whether or not you locked the door.

Installing this deadbolt is also a breeze. With just a simple screwdriver, you can install the lock yourself in under 20 minutes. No wiring, no cutting, drilling, etc. Anybody can accomplish this task. However, this doesn’t mean the lock is not secure; tampering with the lock from the outside is very difficult.

Quick Specs – Kwikset SmartCode

  • Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock – no keys required
  • Highly resistant to key bumping
  • Easy operation
  • Customizable features
  • Safe!
  • Re-Key with ease
  • Very Affordable!

Conclusion – Kwikset SmartCode Review

Thank you for reading this Kwikset SmartCode review. As you can see, this a very good keyless door lock, and I recommend it for anybody that is looking for keyless entry for home without breaking the bank.


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