Kwikset Kevo Touch (1st & 2nd Gen)

Kwikset Kevo touch-to-open Kwikset Keyless Entry Deadbolt or electronic deadbolts may just likely be the trump card that electronic deadbolts have against traditional ones. They put an end to the era of searching for keys, easy break-ins and the likes. Unlocking your door is as easy as touching the knob and having it grant you access so long as your fob key or smartphone is with you. They are also affordable as well as efficient. Oh yes, it supports Bluetooth technology!


Kwikset released the 1st generation (see photos) before the 2nd. Due to this, the 2nd generation model (see photos) boasts improvement as well as answers to problems the 1st generation had. Kwikset Kevo is now more user-friendly and homey. To help you decide on which to choose, we’ll be looking at the 1st and 2nd generations of Kwikset Kevo deadbolts.


For the Kevo 1st generation, you’ll find

  1. Installation and assembling guide
  2. One fob key
  3. 2 standard keys
  4. 2 electronic keys ( eKeys)
  5. 4 AA batteries
  6. Phillips head screwdriver

However, the 2nd generation has the option of a step by step illustrated installation guide and a printable PDF file.


Installing both generations of the Kevo Touch is relatively simple. Simpler if you are just fixing the door in. You’ll need:

  1. Phillips head screwdriver ( included in the package)
  2. Tape rule
  3. Utility knife

Apart from the extremely detailed step by step instructions, there are numerous videos online.
So in all, installing Kwikset Kevo Touch is a walk through the park.


The Kevo Touch’s 1st generation has a plastic interior housing which is in sharp contrast to the metal one of the 2nd generation.

The 1st measures 7.4” by 3.25” by 1.75” whereas the 2nd is more sleek measuring 5.75” by 2.74” by 2”. The 1st generation will probably do a better job at blending in than the 2nd would.

Both generations still retain the light-up-at-touch feature. In the end, it’s up to choice. A conservative person would go for the former. While the latter would be the choice of a more showy person.



The Kevo App runs in the background of your smartphone. This means that unlocking your door is possible without opening the app. Although the Bluetooth function on your device must be enabled.

A good thing is that the lock is quite religious in ensuring that you are not inside the house at the time the door is trying to be unlocked. This is important so that even if your Bluetooth function is enabled and your phone is inside, no one will be able to unlock the door.


One other thing I like is how there is an option of a normal key for traditional people. There is also a fob key, so in the event of a dead battery or misplaced phone, you can still have access to your home.

Then there are also eKeys. These are keys you can send (as you would a mail) . Kevo alerts you each time one is used.

At first, Kevo charged customers for each additional key (apart from the two that come free). This attracted complaints since the device itself cost a pretty penny. However, the Kevo team also improved that.

“ Dear Kevo Owner:

Great news! Now you can send additional eKeys FREE of charge! Starting today, you can send Anytime, Scheduled, or Guest eKeys without ever having to pay a fee!
You gave us your feedback and we listened! Thank you for helping us improve your Kevo experience.
We are also working to make updates to your Kevo App. You can read more about them here:

  • iOS App
  • Android App

The Kevo Team”

Every Kevo user received such a message further improving their customer service.


The Kwikset Kevo Touch 2nd generation model is tougher than the 1st .

Unlike the 1st, there are no pins in its engineering meaning it CANNOT be bumped (Its like trying to give a human being without a heart, a heart attack. Get it?)

How about picking its lock? The American National Standards Institute (ANSA) rated Kevo a grade two lock (with the highest being grade one). ANSA assured that Kevo locks can withstand five 75-foot-pound blows, two blows from 120 foot-pounds, 5 minutes of sawing, and at least 360 pounds of bolt-end pressure.

Secure enough? You tell!


Kwikset Kevo Touch 1st generation model isn’t compatible with Nest thermostat, Ring Video Doorbell, Honeywell Connected Wi-Fi Thermostats and Android Wear. The 2nd generation improved on all those (hence the extra cost) and is supporting them currently. But if you do not use all those smart home wears, then choosing the 1st generation won’t give you any tears.

How about Apple Home-kit?

“Kevo is not currently Apple HomeKit-compatible. Kevo requires a longer development process to become compatible with HomeKit due to the custom nature of the Kevo platform. Kwikset truly believes in the secure smart home technology offered by Apple HomeKit and specifically developed Premis, which launched at CES this year, to be compatible with the HomeKit platform.

That said, Kwikset is investing in the Kevo platform and continuously updating its products. Kwikset introduced its first HomeKit compatible smart lock at CES and will continue to prioritize HomeKit on our product roadmap.”


  • Easy to use
  • Ends the rain of terror of searching for keys
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable (Especially the 1st generation)
  • Free eKeys
  • Compatible with Nest thermostat, Ring Video Doorbell, Honeywell Connected Wi-Fi Thermostats and Android Wear. ( 2nd generation)
  • Informs you of every entry
  • Excellent customer service
  • Normal key option ( for those who don’t buy the smart lock idea)


  • Only compatible with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Doesn’t support all android devices (only those with v5.0 and higher)
  • Isn’t Apple Home- Kit compatible


Both generations of the Kevo touch are pretty affordable.

View Amazon pricing for Kevo Touch (1st Generation)
View Amazon pricing for Kevo Touch (2nd Generation)
*Both links have a discount.


In summary, I rather much like Kwikset Kevo Touch deadbolts. It’s a lock I’d recommended for every home, except you keep billions of dollars in there. If yes, then please aim a bit higher than Kevo. Perhaps armor tanks and titanium locks.

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