iTouchless Bio-Matic Review

The iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock is a perfect addition to anybody’s home that is iTouchless Bio-Matic Reviewlooking for a secure, high-tech, key-less entry. With just the press of a thumb or other finger, you can have instant access to your home, without fiddling with clunky keys.

And with the Auto-lock feature, never worry about forgetting to lock the door again. This line of iTouchless door locks also come with 2 metal back-up keys to ensure you will always have access to your home.

iTouchless Bio-Matic Review: For the Whole Family

No matter how large your family, you can guarantee that each of them have access with the iTouchless Bio-Matic. Have workers coming to the home? Supply them with a temporary PIN. Worried about a fingerprint not working? Program all of your fingers into the lock. With up to 150 fingerprint records, and 78 PIN codes, you can be assured that everybody that needs access to your home will have it.

bio-matic-install1-300x211Installation is a snap for the iTouchless Bio-Matic. Fits in most pre-existing door holes. Insert the bolt, place each piece on the appropriate side of the door, and screw together. After that, you are ready to go! Easy programming of PIN codes and fingerprints.

This biometric door lock is made of corrosion resistant high-quality steel. A steel sliding cover encompasses the optical sensor, protecting it from the environment. 4 AA batteries provide power, and the unit also has an audible alert when the batteries are running low. Each set of batteries should last for approximately 15,000 entries.

Quick Specs – iTouchless Bio-Matic Deadbolt

  • Simple, DIY installation
  • Biometric entry
  • Live Layer optical technology: 560dpi scanner with 0.0001% false recognition
  • PIN code entry
  • 150 fingerprints, 78 PIN codes, 2 back-up keys
  • Corrosion resistant metal
  • Adjustable Latch


Conclusion of the iTouchless Bio-Matic Review

Overall, we can highly recommend the iTouchless BioMatic Fingerprint Door Lock for anybody wanting a fingerprint door lock. While we have tested hundreds of deadbolts, fingerprint locks have always intrigued us, and the ITouchless Bio-Matic is definitely the top performer here.

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