iTouchless Door Locks

iTouchless is the United States based manufacturer and distributor iTouchless Door Locksof a select group of smart(er) home products. While their products aren’t necessarily interconnected as a traditional “smart home” set-up, they do provide convenient hands-free products to simplify your life and solve some of those small life problems. 

Some of their more well known products that are not part of the iTouchless door locks include that can be found on their website or Amazon include the following. It’s important to note that many are sold out directly on their website and Amazon seems to carry an inventory:

iTouchless’ product line is focused on their sensor activated products, which according to the company are “easy-to-use and promote hygiene at home.” While most of their products are for within the home, they do offer a single line of iTouchless Door Locks. These door locks are generally biometric door locks, using your fingerprint to unlock the doors.

While their website shows their products as sold out, Amazon does carry a single iTouchless door lock in 2 styles – gold or silver with a left or right facing handle. Learn more about the iTouchless Bio-matic door lock here!

iTouchless Door Locks

iTouchless Bio-matic

The iTouchless Bio-Matic is the single line of keyless deadbolts available on the market. The iTouchless door lock is a great addition to any homeowner that is looking for a secure, high-tech, keyless entry system. Using bio-metrics, you can have instant and simple access to your home  with just the press of a thumb or finger! Read our iTouchless bio-matic review here.

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