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Keyless Entry Door Locks

Having a keyless front door lock is a convenient and easy way of putting an end to lockouts and lost or stolen keys. Yep!

So what is it?
A keyless entry door lock is an electronic lock that makes a building or vehicles accessible without making use of the conventional mechanical key. It requires punching a self programmed, preplanned or personalized numeric code, Bluetooth or finger prints before an entry could be made.

With the system in place, locks could be connected to a control panel which activates sensors and cameras, thereby alerting when a door has been opened and even getting pictures of the intruder. Electronic locks can also be unlocked remotely through a smartphone.


All electronic door locks are simply precautions; that is, they do not guarantee safety after all. A hacker can still break in (though it would take a great deal of time) therefore it is advisable to get a good alarm system that is designed to alert the police or other authorities to go with it. Then you’re completely fine!

One main disadvantage of electronic locks is that you can always forget the passcode to access your keyless entry system and be locked out. It is safer to use easy-to-remember codes if you have difficulty in remembering things and try to avoid choices like birth dates and repetitive numbers.

Electrically powered keyless entry door locks may malfunction in case of power failure, leaving your door not locking completely and staying open or leaving it totally locked throughout the failure. Fortunately, most systems have battery as backups.

Here are some keyless entry door locks that are worthy of note;

  1. Schlage FE595 CAM 619 GEO Camelot keypad entry with flex lock.

 Schlage keypad lock provides the comfort of keyless access, providing maximum security. This makes is useful for front doors, garage entry doors, side and back doors. It also has an innovative turn lock feature which allows you to lock and leave without a key.
What more? It is battery operated with a shelf life of about three years, and a 9-volt battery included with low battery visual and audible warning.

The flex lock feature enables switching between being unlocked and automatic re-locking only with the push of a button.
The Schlage Camelot FE595 makes it quite easy to add and delete codes in seconds and it also features keypad lights which makes it easier to see at night.  The Schlage FE595 can be preset with a unique 6-digit programming code and two 4-digit user codes.

Because people love this dude above, there are about six beautiful variants available for us to choose from (each with slightly different designs and structure) – you choose what suits you perfectly! Check them all here…

  1. Ardwolf CJ8015 electronic keyless door lock.

 This can be used to lock doors that are right hand or left hand open. It is made of stainless steel, water resistant and it is easier to see at night.
It has five unlock options; user code, Mifare S50 card, user code plus card, one-time service code and a mechanical key.

After each valid entry, the lock will lock automatically in five seconds. It is powered by four AA alkaline batteries.
Two hundred user codes can be programmed into a lock, up to two hundred Mifare card can be programmed into the lock and up to ten service codes can be programmed into the lock.
In addition, this is like very affordable for most wallets. Don’t think so? Then see price at Amazon.

  1. Ardwolf A20 security high sensitivity, high recognition rate keyless biometric fingerprint door lock.

There are three ways to unlock this kind of lock which are fingerprint, user code and mechanical key. It has an auto-inductive sensor which reads fingerprint easily and accurately, user data tracking, passage mode and random password protection.

It has a high quality black touch screen keypad which is stainless steel purposely designed to absorb more energy without breaking. The strong resistance to corrosion produces longer useful life. Does this tickle your fancy already? Go get it already!

  1. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 keyless smart universal deadbolt digital door lock.

Staring right at you next is the Ezon SHS-3321 deadbolt that boasts of a sleek touchpad screen and can be used to lock almost any kind of door. It is equipped with an adjustable deadbolt, burglar alarm and fire detection sensor.


It also allows a 4-12 digit number combination, one master password and seventy user cards or passwords. You can open this lock by using a passcode, card or combination of both.
It uses both power and AA alkaline batteries which can last for up to ten months.

This is a great option for anyone who feels s/he deserves a unique style on the front door. It is very cool to join that ‘gang’ early enough before discount promotion ends. See price & order from Amazon.

I have covered 4 best keyless entry door locks in this update. Trust me, you can’t go any wrong with this list! Maybe you didn’t notice too; each one of them have links to where you can purchase at an amazingly discounted price. Don’t say you didn’t see them 🙂



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