Best Keyless Deadbolts – A 2019 Buyers Guide to Electronic Deadbolts

The only thing standing between your house and a not-so-friendly burglar whenever you are away is a lock! Stronger locks mean more security. While there’s no guarantee that a lock is 100% secure, I still prefer those that are difficult to break, however. Talk of the best keyless deadbolts in 2019 and we’re talking real security!

best keyless deadbolts 2019


Are you looking for the best 2019 keyless deadbolts to keep your home or office safe? Here at DeadboltReviewws, we’re technology freaks, and also have a huge interest in home security to protect our family and personal possessions. So naturally, we want to use the best of these keyless deadbolts around for my home; most especially the types that have some of the highest tech features and innovations. You dig? Great, let’s move on.

What Really Is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt lock is a unique door locking system that adds a twist to the conventional spring lock mechanism. This time around, it is almost impossible to move the lock to open without rotating its lock cylinder. Deadbolt locks are even more difficult to give entry without the right key. Even Wikipedia agrees to this, so I’m right.

[Yeah, I am right 99% of the time. *winks*]

I shall cover more on deadbolts later on this page. Let’s go ahead to see my top picks in a bit.

Best Keyless Deadbolts – The 2019 Review

I have taken the time to research and review many different best keyless deadbolts, even such as keypad door locks, keyless entry door locks, fingerprint (biometric) locks, and much more. So feel free to read and find the one that appeals to your budget and needs the most.

After a lot of extensive and detailed research, I have compiled a list of the top ten keyless deadbolts for the year 2019.

Now, we will consider each lock intimately to determine which will best fit your house and you by extension.

  1. August Smart Lock (2nd Gen)
  2. Schlage Camelot
  3. Schlage Connect BE469NX Touchscreen
  4. Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700
  5. Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Lock
  6. iTouchless Bio-Matic
  7. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321
  8. Kwikset Smartcode 909
  9. Yale Keyless Touchscreen Z-Wave Lock.
  10. Schlage Connect Century BE469 CEN 619

In a rush? Why don’t you skip to the overall best keyless deadbolts today.

1.  August Smart Lock (2nd Generation)

The August Smart Lock is a favorite and one of the best keyless deadbolts for obvious reasons. It’s as simple as having your door unlock itself as you approach and lock up the moment you shut it.
This lock is controlled primarily by your phone, your smartphone. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Nest Logitech, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others.


The August smart lock not only eliminates the need for keys but also the need for hands. Although I doubt the creators had this is mind, but it’s perfect for people who for one reason or another can’t use their hands. This group includes but is not limited to amputees, people with arms in slings and casts, and that mum of three who is carrying groceries as heavy as two babies.
I have a fondness for this particular lock because it is ridiculously easy to install. Granted, it’s pricier, but considering the fact that no extra money is spent on changing anything about your door, the price is easier to stomach.

The August smart lock allows you to create temporary virtual keys. This means that if you are out of town, you can control who enters your house. The virtual keys can be sent through smartphones. They grant the recipient access to your house for an amount of time which you
stipulate. When this time expires, the keys become useless. Thereby restricting the person from further entry.

If for some reason someone was able to access your phone and send themselves a virtual key, you would still be alerted on it because this smart lock alerts you the moment someone enters or leaves.


  • Operated by your smart phone.
  • Keyless and handles.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, Nest Logitech, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others.
  • Easy to install. No changes have to be made to your door or house. You simply attach it to the inside of your existing deadbolt.
  • Temporary virtual keys.
  • Alerts on every activity concerning your door.


  • It is quite pricey.
  • It does not have the option of traditional keys. This is a disadvantage because some buildings have those users who are not just interested in anything other than the normal key. While the majority love the keyless feature, it would have been nice to have the manual key for people with different preferences.
  • Weaker battery than the average smart lock.


2.  Schlage Camelot BE365VCAM619

Schlage keyless deadbolts
 are popular in the smart lock world – and one of the most well known brands in the game! The BE365VCAM619 is a great reason why they are. This smart lock makes use of codes. It’s touchpad is simple and efficient. Up to 19 codes can be chosen from a choice of 10,000.

Each combination is unique and gaining entry is as simple as inputting the right code. For less-techie people, the Schlage is the best choice. It offers a high level of safety without hassles. Codes that are no longer needed can be deleted too. This feature is very important. It allows you to give out codes to people that you only need to give temporary access to. Afterward, when you no longer want them to have access, you can delete the code. This is easier than having to change codes every time someone discovers them. It also comes with two (2) four-digit preset codes.


The keypad emits its own light. This means that even in the pitch dark, the code can be inputted ‘stress-less-ly’.

The Schlage BE365VCAM619 also has a traditional key allowing you to operate the lock as a smart lock or as a plain old deadbolt.

It is also very easy to install. With a standard screwdriver and the enclosed manual, you’re good to go. It, of course, looks very modern due to its build.

I think the theme of this particular lock is simplicity. And it seems to be working for them, as it is a best seller on Amazon and boasts of over 3000 five star reviews.

Lastly, it operates on a 9v battery that lasts for 3 solid years. Very impressive, yes?


  • Allows you to pick up to 19 access codes.
  • Easy to install as well. With basic screwdriver knowledge, you are good to go.
  • It’s a best seller with great reviews which gives the assurance that it works well.
  • Previously set locks can be deleted, aiding security.
  • It can function as a traditional deadbolt.
  • Long lasting battery despite the fact that it emits its own light.


  • It isn’t exciting enough for ‘techy’ people.
  • The codes are combinations of 4-digits.  Some people want more complex options.


3.  Schlage Connect BE469NX Touchscreen

Like I mentioned before, after taking a look at Schlage keyless deadbolts it will be quite apparent why they are popular favorites.

This particular lock as the name implies that is a touchscreen. The theme for this lock seems to be security. It combines a lot of security technologies to ensure that it’s super safe.

It is connected to your phone and alerts you about every activity that takes place. Forced entries, permitted entries, and suspicious activities are all reported. It is an upgrade from the simpler Schlage BE365VCAM619 which allows you to store 19 different codes. This lock can store up to 30. Each person who needs access to your home can have their own code. It is almost as good as a spy camera to see who enters because you are alerted on what code was used.


In addition, it has a sleek body that prevents against fingerprints smudges. So smudges can’t reveal the code last used.

It has an alarm system alerting the owner of entry and exit. You can also lock the door from your smartphone.

Its battery sadly, isn’t strong. Perhaps the numerous features play a role in this. Batteries do not last long so have a spare at home in case of emergencies.

Also, it comes in six different shades. Picking one to fit with your door is even easier than ever.

The Schlage Connect BE469NX also gives the option of a traditional deadbolt system. It doesn’t make use of Bluetooth, rather it makes use if Z-wave. The Z-wave is connected to your homes Wi-Fi system, making alerts on every activity a possibility.


  • It can be monitored and even controlled through your smartphone.
  • Functions as a traditional key and lock.
  • Permits up to 30 codes.
  • Fingerprints do not smudge the surface.


  • Compared to other smart locks, the battery drains rather quickly.


4.  Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700

Samsung’s very own smart lock is quite impressive. It looks very regal if you ask me. I love the shine of its black body. And get this: it unlocks doors through a fingerprint scanner! Exciting, yes? It can also store up to a hundred fingerprints. Meaning that except every member of your family for the past two generations are present, the allowed numbers will be quite sufficient.

It is expensive, of course, but it is justified. The theme for this smart lock is highly technical. While some locks have codes as their primary entry method and have traditional keys as their secondary, the Samsung has fingerprint scanners as its primary and codes as its secondary. Traditional keys are also present. This gives you three ways to unlock this lock.


This device allows you to set up to ten codes too. This combined with the fingerprint scanner and traditional keys make the Samsung H700 my favorite lock.


  • There are three ways to unlock the smart lock.
  • You can store up to a hundred fingerprints and ten codes combinations.
  • Sleek design.


  • It is an expensive device. And although the price is justified, it is still above some people’s budgets.
  • Not quite easy to install.


5.  Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Lock

Kwikset has no doubt made a name for themselves. Their locks are efficient and have become a favorite among smart lock users. Kevo Bluetooth is a smart lock that allows you unlock it through your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.

Kwikset is unlike other smart locks that are mainly interested in getting you in. Kwikset is also interested in keeping others out. The Kevo Bluetooth protects against picking and bumping. It has a single cylinder.

To control it, you will need a Kevo mobile application. Kevo mobile app is compatible with Android devices of version 5 and higher and iPhone 4s and higher. The Kwikset Kevo keyless bluetooth deadbolt comes in 2 popular models, and they both are a customers’ choice depending on budget.




After synchronizing your Bluetooth with the Kevo app, you will be given eKeys. These keys can be sent to anyone to grant them access to your home. For every entry and exit, you will be alerted which promotes safety. If you have sent someone your eKey previously but no longer wish for them to have access to your home, you may deactivate the key through your Kevo app. At first, you were charged for eKeys but now they’re free.

Installing the Kwikset Kevo lock isn’t tasking either. The App offers step by step instructions which can be carried out with a screwdriver.

Kwikset locks come with a fob key and two traditional keys. It also works with Nest. When you are on your way home, your Kevo alerts Nest to adjust the temperature to your preferred level. It also works with Honeywell.


  • It has traditional keys and a fob key.
  • Comes with a manual to aid installation.
  • Kevo app is compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • You receive alerts immediately any activity goes on.


  • Devices of a particular level cannot unlock the door.
  • Kevo app must be downloaded.
  • If your phone is stolen it could be dangerous.


6.  iTouchless Bio-Matic

The iTouchless Bio-Matic makes use of a fingerprint scanner codes, and traditional keys. It recognizes up to 150 different fingerprints (ONE HUNDRED FIFTY!. It can also store up to 78 different code combinations. The iTouchless Bio-Matic can replace any standard deadbolt. It is easy to install as well. With a screwdriver, the rest is easy. Due to its 560 DPI scanner, it recognizes fingerprints quite easily. After entering the door, it is locked automatically after a few seconds.

It has a left door handle to open the door (lefties would probably appreciate this more). It also has a cover that covers the area containing the keys and fingerprint scanner.



This lock is similar to the Samsung H700 and is a little bit less expensive. It also is classified as weatherproof, so keeping outside can’t be a problem.


  • It has three ways to be unlocked; fingerprint, codes, and the traditional key.
  • It can store up to 150 fingerprints, 78 passcodes.
  • It is equipped with a ‘Live Layer’ optical sensor technology.
  • It alerts you of low battery.


  • The area to input the code is small and chocked up.
  • It is quite pricey too.


7.  Samsung Ezon SHS-3321

As expected of a Samsung product, this device is worth every cent; very worthy of being one of the best keyless door locks around. It looks very good and fits any modern door. It uses codes and can have code combinations of four to twelve digits. You can also have up to 70 different code combinations.

It comes with a fob key which means there are two ways to unlock the door. There is no traditional key, but one hardly needs it with a fob key. This device locks the door the moment it closes too. This feature, however, can be turned off. It has a fire detection alarm which is very useful. Its anti-theft technology is also another great feature. If anyone tries to break in, an alarm will be sound.

Using the Samsung 3221 in harsh weathers isn’t a problem. From temperatures of -25 °C to 60 °C and with humidity levels of up to 90% your smart lock will work just fine. It works even it’s raining as long as it is not dipped into the water. This smart lock doesn’t allow people watching you input your codes to memorize them. It does this by generating a random 2 digit code every time a code is entered. This will definitely give wrong information to or confused whoever watches you.


It has back up batteries so you can walk around power outages.

It is also not connected to any applications which increases its simplicity. All activities are performed on the lock itself. It is not easy to install due to poor instructions but remember that you can always google video installations. Programming is easy however, it definitely isn’t a complex device.

The Samsung 3321 isn’t compatible with any home automation systems either. This isn’t a problem for most, but if you make use of any home automation system, they won’t work together.

It comes with two deadbolts. One for commercial doors and the other for residential doors. To reduce the sound, its volume can be increased or reduced.


  • Volume can be increased or decreased.
  • Protects privacy by generating random codes.
  • It has a fire alarm.
  • Anti-theft technology.
  • Easy programming


  • Poor installation instructions.
  • Poor programming instructions.


8.  Kwikset Smartcode 909

Kwikset 909 has a motorized deadbolt for double security. It makes use of codes to unlock the lock.

It allows you to set eight user codes and one master code. Its motorized deadbolt ensures that the door is locked half a minute after you close. If you are forgetful, Kwikset has you covered. This feature, however, can be activated or deactivated. Installation is easy. Even if you have had no previous experience, with a screwdriver, you will be able to install it quite easily.

The Kwikset Smartcode 909 has some loud opening and closing noises and there are no controls to reduce or increase them. However it is not so loud that it can wake a sleeping baby, it can be managed.



It also has a one-touch locking system. It has a backlight system which means it lights itself up. Imputing codes even in the dark will not be a problem. The Kwikset 909 has the option of using a traditional key.


  • It has a one touch locking system.
  • It has a motorized deadbolt.
  • Can be unlocked in two ways; code and traditional keys.
  • It can be set to lock automatically.


  • It is not weatherproof and is often affected by intense weather or sudden atmospheric changes.
  • It is quite noisy and has a loud opening and closing noise.


9.  Yale Keyless Touchscreen Z-Wave Lock YRD226

Yale Keyless makes use of Z-wave rather than Bluetooth. It also makes use of codes. Although it is connected to your smart phone, it is not to unlock the door, but to keep tabs on activities that go on.

With the Keyless Yale Touchscreen lock, you can have up to 25 codes and a master code for yourself. If you detect suspicions activity, you can turn on privacy mode with your master code. Privacy mode deactivates every code except yours.

It is also created in a way that it fits every door. No extra holes need to be made to install this device. If you are not sure your door is locked after leaving, you can always enable the re-lock feature.

Yale Keyless Touchscreen Z-Wave Lock YRD226


One major point for the keyless touchscreen Yale is the fact that it has voice prompts. The voice guide is a big help especially when you need to set the lock up. It comes in three different languages too. Installing it is almost as easy as using it. You only need a Philips Screwdriver and the available voice prompts.

It also has a back light making inputting codes easy despite the time of the day. It indicates if your battery is low. Power is supplied by 4 AA batteries.

This device offers the option of a traditional key. If for some reason you cannot use the codes, a traditional key can always be your back up.


  • It has a nice design.
  • It can fit in almost all doors.
  • Voice prompts make use and installation easy.
  • It can be unlocked by either the code or a traditional key.
  • Privacy mode deactivates all codes.


  • Little amount of possible codes. If it is to be used for an office, twenty-five codes will not be sufficient.
  • No buttons at all
  • Short battery life.
  • It is quite pricey.


10.  Schlage Connect Century BE469 CEN 619

Schlage locks have made it into this list thrice and if that is not proof of quality, what is?

The Schlage Connect Century 619 can be operated on your phone, with a code, and with a traditional key.

It alerts you on forced entry, tamper, and activity. All information can be accessed via your smartphone. It uses Z-Wave technology which allows you to operate your lock from your smartphone. All you need to do is to synchronize your smartphone with the Z-Wave technology on your smart lock.

As expected, it also has an alarm system which means you get to know if anyone tries to break in. It is fitted with a 90 dB alarm which is standard and quite loud.

Schlage Connect Century BE469 CEN 619


This Schlage lock allows you to set thirty different 4-digit codes. These codes can be disabled at anytime. The Schlage lock is touchscreen, however, it’s sensors are top notch and allow you to put in the code even if your fingers are covered by fabric such as gloves. This is small but important especially when you remember you do not have to take off your gloves on that cold day before you input your entry code.

It is quite similar to the Schlage Connect BE469NX Touchscreen. Similarly, it has a backlight feature making it easy to input codes despite the level of light around. It is also quite easy to install. You only need a Philips screwdriver. The Schlage Connect Century BE469 runs 4AA batteries which last for only a year – and this is quite small compared to others. However, it notifies you on low batteries, giving you sufficient time to replace it.


  • It can be unlocked and locked with your smart phone.
  • It can be unlocked with a smartphone, a code, or a traditional key.
  • Anti-pick technology.
  • Loud alarm system.
  • It alerts users on forced entry, tamper, and activity.


  • The battery drains quite easily.

These ten smart locks, I can assure you, will give you your money’s worth on every penny spent. From Schlage, to Yale, to Kwikset, iTouchless, Samsung, and August smart locks, you can be assured that quality, security and of course, home-friendliness will definitely not be problems.

The Best Overall Keyless Door Lock

Time is ticking! Enough talks and get to action. Secure your home, office or other property the earliest time possible – you never know who is watching.

From my list above, I confidently pick out the Schlage Connect BE469NX smart lock as the overall king of the best keyless door locks. It offers excellent value for the money! And Remember, you’ll be receiving awesome Amazon deadbolt discounts if you go through the links provided on this website.

Electronic Deadbolt Reviews – The Ultimate Hunt!

So you ask me, how can today’s best keyless deadbolts benefit you? What is more important than the safety and security of your home and family? Want to ensure your office is protected from intruders? While you can’t stop people from wanting and even attempting to break in, you can take effective measures to deter them. With the many advanced deadbolt locks available today, you can feel and be safer than ever before. Digital door locks are the deadbolts of the future that you can buy today.

I bet you’ve never thought of a new door lock as a means of improving security for your home or office. Or of a keypad door lock as a way of saving money on houses or apartments you rent. A very good deadbolt can make your everyday life better. With the ease of installation, and the availability of electronic door locks, now is a better time to upgrade. Upgrade now, smile always! Yes, that’s the metric.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

There are three main types of deadbolts and they are:

  1. Single Cylinder Deadbolt: A single cylinder deadbolt typically has a key cylinder to one part of the lock only. On the other side, you’ll find a knob. This deadbolt is ideal if you wish to have a locking system that can be unlocked from the inside without a key. A possible disadvantage however is that the door has to be far away from a window or glass. Otherwise, a burglar can break the window and reach for the knob.
  2. Double Cylinder Deadbolt: This kind of deadbolt has keyed cylinders installed on both sides – which means there is no knob and you must have a key to open it. Of course, this is more secure than a single cylinder deadbolt as you can easily keep your adventurous kids at home, lest they sneak out of the house. A major disadvantage of this type, however is that in case of emergency, you have to find the key in order to exit the building safely.
  3. Keyless Deadbolt: The keyless entry or say electronic deadbolt is the newest invention which harnesses the power of alphanumeric keypad, remote control, Bluetooth and other plausible technology to secure your home. There’re even fingerprint deadbolts! It’s great really. However, a disadvantage (which is the only one I can point with fact) is that they are quite pricey. This doesn’t interpret to thousand bucks but still, they don’t share the same price range with the aforementioned types. Wouldn’t you want to save your property at all cost?

“I have provided necessary links to get a discount from Amazon – world’s leading electronic store; on every deadbolt I talk about. If it’s not worth it, I will not bother to talk about it.”

Why We Advise An Electronic Door Lock

Security is one of the biggest reasons to get a new deadbolt. The only reasonable reason in fact – and it is valid!

Making such a small step as replacing your old door lock with a keyless deadbolt can go a long way towards making you and your family feeling safe at home. With common cheap deadbolts, a rookie with a lock-picking kit can open a door. A 10-year-old watching videos on YouTube can learn how to bump a lock open with a blank key. So do you have an office with valuable equipment and information? Changing your locks to best keyless deadbolts will prevent those from happening; giving you optimum security.

Advantage In Real Estate

Do you rent out a house or apartment? How many times have you had to change the locks due to turnover? This can add up to a large amount of money. With keyless deadbolts, all you need to do is delete the old codes, and enter in new ones for new tenants. No more having to go and grab your tools, then going over to the hardware store and purchase yet another deadbolt. Just take a minute or two to delete and enter new codes. Over time, each keyless deadbolt will pay for itself.

Stepping Up: Knowing Your Keyless Deadbolts

Keyless deadbolts are of many different styles, colors, and sizes of electronic door locks. Not only do they make your home, rental, or office safer, they also aid in the looks. A sleek digital door lock with a covered keypad is a great way to improve the looks of your home. Getting one in a matching color is easy, too. Apparently, I have figured that a new electronic deadbolt can be something that sets your place apart from the rest. Great selling point in my opinion!

The video below shows an example of a keyless smart lock as well as installation guide:

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