Awesome Samsung Digital Door Locks (Updated)

If you’re probably wondering why you have to choose Samsung when it comes to door locks, then here’s something you should look into.
Many families swear by Samsung Digital Door Locks. I join you to ask, WHY?


  • Samsung has the best service quality and design or so we have seen so far
  • #1 brand power influence
  • You’ll definitely get the best at really affordable prices

A safe, easy and more convenient life is accessible by getting Samsung digital door locks. Oh yes! In most cases, if it’s not Samsung, then it’s definitely not it.

As with many other manufacturers, you will find that there are different models of Samsung digital door locks; most which are going to sweep you off your feet.

I will part this guide into three for this purpose. This will help you get less confused as I was in the newbie stage. Also, I have added necessary links to where you can purchase your own deadbolt at super-discounted price right now. Thank me later 😉


This kind of digital door lock fits just any kind of lifestyle with its various entry options such as passwords, card, fingerprint, smart card and mechanical key.

It has a wide and stylish touch screen which is in vogue right now, thereby improving the experience of entering passwords.
This mortise/handle type door lock is very easy to install regardless of the left or right direction (you simply choose the direction you want) cool, right? Yep, let’s continue.

It has an automatic locking feature which overrides the need to re-check if the door has been properly locked whenever you go out – this means you can just leave without looking back.

Moreso, this kind of door lock is so amazing that it allows the following:

Double authentication which strengthens security – that is, passwords and fingerprints are proved before the door can be opened, this feature is optional though.

  • Random passcode feature – passwords will be entered after pressing two random numbers which prevents intruders from checking any fingerprint marks left.
  • Double locking – whenever you are indoors, this feature prevents attempts to unlock from outside. The door cannot be opened from inside unless the sensor detects movements indoors.
  • Anti-theft mode – The anti-theft mode can be set when leaving thus, preventing unauthorized access and creating a warning sound.
  • Volume adjustable control, 9v backup power and low battery warning sounds.
  • All beautiful Samsung video door phone or home automation.
  • Passwords and cards are included for the master key for complete management.

Here are tested and trusted Samsung Digital Door Locks in this category:


This unit has a high quality metallic black touch screen and a keypad cover which can be accessed easily without opening it.


  • Volume control and voice guidance
  • Modern design
  • Battery replacement reminder
  • 9v battery terminal is available to power the lock temporarily
  • Random security code


This is a newer version of the Samsung SHS-5320 electronic deadbolt. For one, I love the smooth and bold design this unit packs itself in. Here’s featuring a new automatic sliding cover and wide touchpad screen. I love ittttt!


  • Awesome fingerprint digital locking system
  • Wide and decently sensitive touchscreen
  • Features a working mechanical override key. Not like the ill-installed types.
  • Up to 100 fingerprints can be registered
  • Proud to be a member of the EZON family.



Here are a few Samsung deadbolts I can vouch for…


This unit is made of zinc alloy and ABS plastic which can be unlocked with either password, card or the combination of both.
It is fairly easy to install when you go through the described steps.


  • 9v Battery terminal is available to power the lock temporarily
  • 4-12 password combination
  • Can be used for different kinds of doors
  • 1 master password and 70 user passwords
  • Battery useful life is 10 months
  • Fire alarm and burglar alarm
  • Touchpad screen


In this category, we have the following decent products…

SAMSUNG SHS G510 Digital + Glass Door Lock

This is one of the latest RIM type door lock from Samsung, it is used for frameless glass doors. One of the awesome features about this lock is that its keypad will change orientation depending on the direction of the door. This kind of lock is also very easy to install and perfect for glass doors.


  • 4-12 password combination
  • Allows random security codes
  • Easy integration with Samsung video door phone or home automation
  • An emergency power supply in place
  • Automatic locking
  • Random security code
  • Double authentication
  • Battery replacement reminder
  • Anti-theft mode and volume control

SAMSUNG SHS-2320 RIM Type Deadbolt

This unit spots a user-friendly graphic interface, made from aluminium, NBR polycarbonate and acrylate. It is also one of the latest RIM door locks with double claw bolt and does not pack any handle in it.


  • Electrostatic discharge prevention
  • Double authentication
  • Infrared ray sensor
  • Anti-theft mode
  • Fire alarm and emergency door unlock
  • One master code and 20 cards
  • Battery useful life is 10 months
  • 4-12 password combination
  • 9v Battery terminal is available to power the lock temporarily


This is the most affordable RIM lock digital door lock from Samsung without a handle. Yes, that’s right! You can save the doubt and check price here.


  • Touchpad screen
  • Mischief prevention
  • Automatic and double locking function
  • Fire alarm and emergency door unlock
  • One master code and 20 cards
  • Battery useful life is 10 months
  • 4-12 password combination
  • Electrostatic discharge prevention
  • 9v battery terminal is available to power the lock temporarily.


So that would be all for now. If this carefully curated list still does not tickle your fancy, then you may want to try out this other list. Either ways, you can’t go any wrong!


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