Best Keyless Door Locks in 2018 – For Buyers!

The only thing standing between your house and a not-so-friendly burglar whenever you are away is a lock! Stronger locks mean more security. While there’s no guarantee that a lock is 100% secure, I still prefer those that are difficult to break, however. Talk of the best keyless door locks today and we’re talking real security!


That said, I officially welcome you to Deadbolt Reviews Hub. Are you looking for the best 2018 smart locks to keep your home or office safe? I am a technology freak, and also have a huge interest in home security. So naturally, I want to use the best of these smart locks around for my home; most especially the types that have some high tech features and innovations. You dig? Great, let’s move on.

What Really Is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt lock is a unique door locking system that adds a twist to the conventional spring lock mechanism. This time around, it is almost impossible to move the lock to open without rotating its lock cylinder.
Deadbolt locks are even more difficult to give entry without the right key. Even Wikipedia agrees to this, so I’m right.

[Yeah, I am right 99% of the time. *winks*]

I shall cover more on deadbolts later on this page. Let’s go ahead to see my top picks in a bit.

Best Keyless Door Locks – The 2018 Review

I have taken the time to research and review many different digital door locks, such as keypad door locks, keyless entry door locks, fingerprint locks, and much more. So feel free to read these deadbolt reviews and find the best one for you.

  1. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321

    Samsung Ezon SHS-3321The Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 is a keyless deadbolt lock. This very high tech looking deadbolt lock is ideal for the home and office. Besides looking very modern, it is also very low profile, with no protruding latch or keyhole. And since it uses touchpad keys instead of traditional tumbler keys, it is quite immune from key bumping! This deadbolt features a burglar & fire detector sensor plus solid lock combinations such as PIN/CARD, PIN+CARD, MASTER PASS, etc. Battery is built to last for an estimated period of 10 months.
    See Price & Customer Reviews.

  2. Schlage Connect BE469NX Touchscreen

    Ruggedness, security, and ease of use. All packed into one bold bolt! The Schlage Connect BE469NX keyless door lock is an interestingly advanced deadbolt with the inclusion of lock cylinder to couple the touchscreen pad. Because Schlage understands that digital deadbolts are one of the best electronic door locks out there, they have put more focus in getting the best out of it. Probably the best deadbolt company? You tell! This unit can store up to 30 custom user codes and features a working anti-pick guard. Schlage has also done so well to make sure this product doesn’t keep your fingerprints on it. I love that idea!
    Also, for this particular product, we have two design variants which are Camelot & Century; with a total of about 12 variants – each having advantages over the other and slight price variations as you can see on Amazon.
    See Price, Variants & Customer Reviews.

  3. Schlage Camelot (Early Build)

    The Schlage Camelot BE365 is a small, sturdy, and versatile deadbolt. It renews my love for vintage each time I come across it. Installation is a breeze, requiring just a small amount of time and a couple household tools. Designed for convenience, the keys light up at the push of a button, and if the batteries die (after a 3 year estimated lifespan), the key still works. Is this not awesome? Another powerful reason thousands of security-conscious people use it is because it is fairly cheap. If you asked me for the best cheap keypad deadbolt, I would point to this! It fits just fine on standard doors and allows you to create access codes for trusted friends which you can deleted later.
    I recommend that you buy this unit with a standard handleset for the best performance. See combination here.
    See Price & Customer Reviews.

  4. iTouchless Bio-Matic

    The iTouchless Bio-Matic is a fingerprint door lock. It is a perfect additionitouchless-biomatic to anybody’s home that is looking for a secure, high-tech, key-less entry. With just the press of a thumb or other finger, you can have instant access to your home, without fiddling with clunky keys. And with the auto-lock feature, never worry about forgetting to lock the door again. The Bio-Matic deadbolt can take up to 150 different fingerprint users and it also comes with 2 metal back-up keys to ensure you will always have access to your home. 
    See Price & Customer Reviews

  5. Kwikset Smartcode 909

    The Kwikset SmartCode is a high-quality deadbolt door lock on a budget price. For a third of the price of some of the other electronic door locks, it comes packed with all the features you would ever need. The SmartCode 909 electronic deadbolt is furnished with backlit keypad and generously allows for up to 8 customizable access codes plus one master code. Installation is a breeze! It is also very very very affordable. The kind of ‘affordable that is cheap and also performs very good’. 
    See Price & Customer Reviews

  6. Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Lock

    Kwikset-Kevo-Bluetooth-DeadboltSay hello to the fastest rising star in the world of electronic door locks. This compact, yet powerful deadbolt makes it easier to unlock your door using your smartphone. How did they do that? Bluetooth! The Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen deadbolt also focuses on “touch to open” technology which helps to compliment the idea of smart locks in all entirety. It’s smaller, nicer and more secure than what we have seen before in this range. The smartphone integration supports most Android and iOS phones, even their accompanying wearables such as the Android Watch. This is a welcome technology and I loooove it. Jeffrey’s house feels great to visit each time we’re at his door.
    This keyless smart lock comes in two popular models:
    See Price & Customer Reviews for 1st Gen Model.
    See Price & Customer Reviews for 2nd Gen Model.

Electronic Deadbolt Reviews – The Ultimate Hunt!

So you ask me, how can today’s best keyless door locks benefit you? What is more important than the safety and security of your home and family? Want to ensure your office is protected from intruders? While you can’t stop people from wanting and even attempting to break in, you can take effective measures to deter them. With the many advanced deadbolt locks available today, you can feel and be safer than ever before. Digital door locks are the deadbolts of the future that you can buy today.

I bet you’ve never thought of a new door lock as a means of improving security for your home or office. Or of a keypad door lock as a way of saving money on houses or apartments you rent. A very good deadbolt can make your everyday life better. With the ease of installation, and the availability of electronic door locks, now is a better time to upgrade. Upgrade now, smile always! Yes, that’s the metric.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

There are three main types of deadbolts and they are:

  1. Single Cylinder Deadbolt: A single cylinder deadbolt typically has a key cylinder to one part of the lock only. On the other side, you’ll find a knob. This deadbolt is ideal if you wish to have a locking system that can be unlocked from the inside without a key. A possible disadvantage however is that the door has to be far away from a window or glass. Otherwise, a burglar can break the window and reach for the knob.
  2. Double Cylinder Deadbolt: This kind of deadbolt has keyed cylinders installed on both sides – which means there is no knob and you must have a key to open it. Of course, this is more secure than a single cylinder deadbolt as you can easily keep your adventurous kids at home, lest they sneak out of the house. A major disadvantage of this type, however is that in case of emergency, you have to find the key in order to exit the building safely.
  3. Keyless Entry Deadbolt: The keyless entry or say electronic deadbolt is the newest invention which harnesses the power of alphanumeric keypad, remote control, Bluetooth and other plausible technology to secure your home. There’re even fingerprint deadbolts! It’s great really. However, a disadvantage (which is the only one I can point with fact) is that they are quite pricey. This doesn’t interpret to thousand bucks but still, they don’t share the same price range with the aforementioned types. Wouldn’t you want to save your property at all cost?

“I have provided necessary links to get a discount from Amazon – world’s leading electronic store; on every deadbolt I talk about. If it’s not worth it, I will not bother to talk about it.”

Why We Advise An Electronic Door Lock

Security is one of the biggest reasons to get a new deadbolt. The only reasonable reason in fact – and it is valid!

Making such a small step as replacing your old door lock with an electronic deadbolt can go a long way towards making you and your family feeling safe at home. With common cheap deadbolts, a rookie with a lock-picking kit can open a door. A 10-year-old watching videos on YouTube can learn how to bump a lock open with a blank key. So do you have an office with valuable equipment and information? Changing your locks to best keyless door locks will prevent those from happening; giving you optimum security.

Advantage In Real Estate

Do you rent out a house or apartment? How many times have you had to change the locks due to turnover? This can add up to a large amount of money. With keypad door locks, all you need to do is delete the old codes, and enter in new ones for new tenants. No more having to go and grab your tools, then going over to the hardware store and purchase yet another deadbolt. Just take a minute or two to delete and enter new codes. Over time, each keypad deadbolt will pay for itself.

Stepping Up: Knowing Your Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are of many different styles, colors, and sizes of electronic door locks. Not only do they make your home, rental, or office safer, they also aid in the looks. A sleek digital door lock with a covered keypad is a great way to improve the looks of your home. Getting one in a matching color is easy, too. Apparently, I have figured that a new electronic deadbolt can be something that sets your place apart from the rest. Great selling point in my opinion!

The video below shows an example of a keyless smart lock as well as installation guide:

The Best Overall Keyless Door Lock

Time is ticking! Enough talks and get to action. Secure your home, office or other property the earliest time possible – you never know who is watching. From my list above, I confidently pick out the Schlage Connect BE469NX deadbolt as the overall king of the best keyless door locks. It offers excellent value for the money! And Remember, you’ll be receiving awesome deadbolt discounts if you buy through the links provided on this website.

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